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Posted by CacklingPumpkins - September 19th, 2019

Alright, with "MARIO says a BAD WORD!!" out I'd like to talk about what I'm doing as of now and my future plans. Alright? OK!

So, I'm trying to get my life together both health wise and financially. It's been difficult since the 2 are clashing in a way. BUT, I'm not quitting this fight any time soon! As for my plans involving art and animation.

  1. YouTube has been basically falling apart, so a lot of my focus will go to NewGrounds, Art/Comics and my Passion projects like "Tug & Friends" which is a series I can't put here since it's completely live-action and I don't think that would be allowed. This also includes my other live action comedy skits like "YELLING" and "Normal Horse goes for a Stroll"
  2. I plan to release not 1 but 2 Halloween themed shorts in October. The first is going to be my submission for the NewGrounds Spooktacular Contest and the 2nd is hopefully going to be in a YouTube related showcasing but will be released here after that showcase is revealed.
  3. I want to finally get started on "BAD IDEA CAT!" A project I've been wanting to do for a while
  4. "Night of the Coal Monster" is a Christmas themed one-shot 37 page webcomic coming in November. It's almost half-way done but I want to finish it when there's nothing else in the way. I also plan to make a slightly animated/narrated version of the short though I'm not sure if it would be allowed to release on to NG as it may be dangerously close to looking like a slide show.
  5. I want to do mini 10 second animations to show off characters for a 2020 webcomic after the Halloween stuff is done. More news on that later
  6. Speaking of "Tug & Friends" the next episode is going to feature a bit of animation so it may very well be the first episode to come on NG. though the Very FIRST episode of "Tug & Friends" also features a tiny bit of animation but I'd like to ask some higher ups if that would be allowed to upload on here first. so 2 episodes might come in on the same day. Who knows? Only time will tell I guess.

Well, I guess that's it for now. Have any questions or concerns then please don't be afraid to tell me!