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Your hamster did a great job

Garchomp's horrified expression was all I needed

Man, this one hit really hard. You did a great job on this one!

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The game is great but I do have 1 major gripe with it. The enemies punch way too quickly. It is nearly impossibly to get a combo going with the enemy you are attacking stopping your combo immediately. I understand that they are based on NES difficulty but it's hard to enjoy the game when an enemy attacks you as soon as you land a hit.

But if this is a problem with my PC or my load of the game (I'm not too familiar with browser games so I am unsure if the browser could be the problem) or if there is something I'm missing I'd love to know.

But I can't deny the work that is clearly put into the game for all of the references and cameos so I'll still give it 5 stars as it gives me early 2000s internet vibes like Screwattack and I wanna be the Guy

This was a good way to integrate the "Out of Control" theme to a top down puzzle. The puzzles were challenging but not infuriating. The aesthetic is nice as well!

As someone who once struggled with anxiety, was diagnosed with clinical depression in High School and is a suicide survivor I can safely say this game was truly effective!

I lowered my human's health with mine intact. And I just went with the answers that normally go through my head. I hope this game gets more attention as it is good way to understand Anxiety.

Keep up the good work with this game!

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Great one! Song really gives me slasher horror vibes! Keep it up

CIEIRMusic responds:

Oh ya. I wanted to create something that would create that sort of dread.

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I can hear this pic "Let's go to the graveyard."

It was a privilege to be a part of this collab! And I'm glad you guys made something for everyone so no one got left out!

Thank you for this again! This secret Santa art trade was a blast to be a part of. Alice really came out great here!

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